Bright Lights, Big City

Bright Lights, Big City

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More Companies Are Moving Back Into Chicago – But Why?

It wasn’t too long ago when setting up shop within city limits was frowned upon. With vacant buildings left to rot an increasing focus on technology, community-building and green operations, entrepreneurs and owners found an increased urgency in moving away from the fast-paced nature of the big city in favor of a suburban environment.

However, that trend has recently been reversed. New enterprises and established venture alike are all moving back into our nation’s biggest cities, – including Chicago – to strengthen customer relations, strengthen their overall presence and bolster their reputation outside of the suburbs.

Who’s Coming to Chicago? 


Although it might seem sudden, this isn’t a passing inclination that just sprung up overnight. Numerous brands have already completed the migration, which began en masse approximately 10 years ago. The Warranty Group, originally based
out of Glenview, was at the forefront of the recent movement.

Others soon followed suit. Names like United Airlines moved from Elk Grove to the West Loop in 2009, Sara Lee left Downers Grove, Motorola said goodbye to Schaumburg and ConAgra migrated away from Naperville. Most recently, McDonald’s announced plans to move from Oak Brook to West Town in 2018.

Every company has their own reasons for packing up shop and relocating to Chicago’s city limits, but most revolve around the desire to appeal to millennials and young consumers. Greg Brown, chief executive with Motorola Solutions, specifically cited Chicago’s energy, vibrancy and diversification as the motivation for his company’s transition. In addition, Motorola is hoping to expand their company culture by drawing from a city with such mainstream appeal.

General Electric was able to eliminate the majority of their parking lots, thus encouraging the use of public transportation, as well as unsightly security fences and gates that surround many of the large-scale, corporate campuses that are still doing business in the suburbs. The company recently moved their headquarters from the United Kingdom to its new location in Chicago.

Beam Suntory, maker of the popular Jim Beam whiskey, begun their own move from Deerfield in late 2016. While the entire transition isn’t expected to be complete until the end of this year, they’ve already made connections in the area by immediately entering a partnership with Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs.

Startups and Fresh Ideas Abound

Chicago is also a great place for startup businesses, innovative entrepreneurs and motivated millennials. The team with kCura, a new software developer specializing in e-discovery solutions, is specifically targeting that demographic with flexible scheduling, plenty of vacation time and stellar insurance plans for their employees.

Sprout Social, originally founded in 2010, works with sites like Spotify and Grubhub to implement strategic marketing campaigns across social media. They credit Chicago with instilling a focus on community, team-building and employee advocacy.

Embracing Big City Life and Business

The city of Chicago has been a hotbed of activity in recent years. With nearly every forecast and report showing a continuation of this trend, now is a great time to stake your own claim in an area that will continue to flourish for years to come. For more information on making this a reality, please contact



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