Why You Should Always Use a Realtor

Why You Should Always Use a Realtor

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Whether you’re in the market as a buyer or a seller, you should always utilize the services of a licensed Realtor or real estate agent. Not only will they ensure that you’re making the right decisions, but they can help stretch your dollar further – or, if you’re selling, help maximize your profits.

1. Vast Network Connections

The average real estate agent has dozens, if not hundreds of business contacts. Between builders, contractors, subcontractors and skilled tradesmen, they can typically take care of any issues that may arise. If not, they probably know someone who can. Depending on experience, agents might have contacts in other useful areas, too. Possible resources include professional movers, marketing agencies and community-oriented organizations.

2. Industry Expertise

Real estate agents can also leverage their industry expertise to help located potential properties or close on existing ones. If you’re selling your home, it’s important to market it within the correct channels and at the right time. Conversely, buyers need to ensure they’re looking in the relevant markets in order to find the best deals.

As a seller, knowing exactly where to get to maximize exposure for your property is something that only comes from years of hands-on experience. Likewise, it’s often difficult to make the most of your money as a first-time or novice buyer.

3. Skilled Negotiators

The most successful agents are also hardened negotiators. Since the market is so competitive, it’s difficult to find a deal even if you know exactly where to look. This is where many real estate agents really earn their pay. It takes years of expertise to identify a property’s true value – both now and in the future – and it takes a skilled negotiator to put that information into play in way that benefits their clientele.

Realtor® vs. Real Estate Agent

Many consumers – especially first-time buyers and sellers – are confused by the terms Realtor and real estate agent. Although much of their job is the same, there are some key differences to note:

  • A Realtor is licensed through the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). As such, they’re held to stringent standards a strict code of ethics that don’t necessarily apply to other agents.
  • Realtors keep up with changing and evolving industry regulations. Not only do laws vary between states, but these laws are constantly reviewed and updated.
  • Licensed Realtors truly work for you. Real estate agents might function independently or as part of a larger brand, but they still have one specific goal: profitability. When working with a licensed Realtor, their fiduciary responsibility is with you.

Helping clients find that dream property – or sell their current one – has always been the primary goal of the NAR-backed Realtor.

Making the Market Work For You

There are many reasons to choose a licensed Realtor over a traditional real estate agent. As part of an organization that dates back more than 100 years, we could write an entire book on the subject – but we’ll spare you the details here. Whether you choose a licensed Realtor or a real estate agent is ultimately your choice, but one thing is clear: you should never try to tackle the market on your own.

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